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By Laura Dority

Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is a medical nutrition therapy that should be closely monitored by a knowledgeable dietitian in conjunction with a physician or other medical provider. Baseline labs are required prior to initiation of the diet as well as a release of liability waiver. Ketogenic diet counseling will be conducted only once appropriate lab tests and health history have been completed and reviewed by dietitian. Ketogenic diet therapy options offered includes a spectrum of dietary approaches – classic ketogenic diet, modified ketogenic diet, modified Atkins diet, and low glycemic index treatment. Ketogenic diet should be individualized; the most appropriate form of the ketogenic diet will be determined based on your medical and personal needs.

Services Offered

Initial Consultation Package: $450
• 60-90 minute phone or Skype consultation
• Full nutrition assessment
• Detailed diet instruction
• Handouts and references
• Lab assessment
• Supplement recommendations
• 2 – 15 minute follow up phone calls in the first month
• Weekly email follow up for the first month (4 emails)

Follow-Up Package: $250
• 30 minute phone or Skype consultation
• Fine tuning of the diet review
• Follow-up lab monitoring
• Care coordination with other medical providers
• Up to 2 emails or phone calls (15 minutes) in the month following the visit

Note: Follow-up is recommended one month after starting any form of ketogenic diet and every 2-3 months thereafter.

Other Services: (please contact me for prices):
• Menu planning/grocery list development
• Professional writing/blogging
• Public speaking/presentations
• Recipe and menu analysis
• Advocate and strategize to promote ketogenic products with accurate, science-based messages
• Be a spokesperson on TV, radio and social media channels