Keto Knowledge

Laura Dority MS, RD, LD

I have been a Registered Dietitian (RD) for 10 years and for 8 of those years I have specialized in the ketogenic diet as a therapy for epilepsy in children and adults. I started my journey at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health and am now working at the Medical University of South Carolina in beautiful Charleston, SC. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in dietetics from Purdue University and my Master of Science degree from Central Michigan University. I became a dietitian because I love all kinds of food (yes...including donuts, bacon and beer) and I was awed by the impact food and nutrition can have on not only the prevention of chronic disease but also the treatment of disease. I enjoy sharing my passion and knowledge of nutrition with others and guiding them to lead the most healthy and functional lives possible. Becoming a ketogenic dietitian has been a wonderful, rewarding journey and I have learned so much from other ketogenic dietitians across the world along with my patients and their families that I have had the privilege of working with every day. I have even seen the benefits of a low carbohydrate, high fat lifestyle for my nephew who was diagnosed with epilepsy several years ago. In addition to my experience in direct patient care, I am also the President of the Keto Hope Foundation [include link] which is a non-profit organization dedicated to families with children on the ketogenic diet. The Keto Hope Foundation is committed to advancing the success of the ketogenic diet by supporting families, expanding nutritional options, and providing educational opportunities to healthcare professionals.